So as to avoid any misunderstandings, I like to be up front with people. Here's my shipping policy. 


All livestock is shipped via EXPRESS MAIL or PRIORITY MAIL delivery, depending upon prevailing weather conditions. The default shipping method is express service, so if you wish to use priority you must let me know.

Live arrival not guaranteed with priority service.


Express Mail delivery is usually used when the weather is very cold or very hot. Priority mail can be used at other times. Live delivery guarantee does not cover priority mail. Express Mail service is used during the winter months (October until the weather warms, usually May), no exceptions.


Express Mail services is not an inexpensive way to ship, and ordering a few animals may not be worth the cost of shipping. To save on shipping, try to get together with other hobbyists in your area in order to place a larger order, and spread the shipping costs out.  You will be charged the actual shipping cost, which is based on the final weight of the box. Express mail, usually next day delivery but in some cases 2 day deliver, is more expensive than priority mail (2-3 day) delivery, so keep that in mind.


The other shipping option I offer is air freight via Southwest Airlines. This is the perfect option of larger orders, and is fairly inexpensive (usually between $67 and $90 for 100 pounds, depending upon destination. This is just an approximation, however, and the actual cost will vary depending upon weight and destination).


Not all livestock is available at all times. Many of these animals are seasonal. If a particular species is unavailable, you will be notified by email in order for you to make another choice.


Orders are packed in the order in which they were received. At times, this may cause temporary shortages of some animals. You will be notified if such shortages occur, and given the option of waiting for me to get them back in, subbing another animal, or getting a refund.

Livestock is shipped WEATHER PERMITTING. Various regulations pertaining to the shipment of live animals may prohibit shipment during extremely cold or extremely hot weather. You will be notified if such regulations are in effect at the time of your order. Orders are shipped with either a heat pack or an ice pack, depending on what is needed at the time.  These are included in the shipping cost.

DISCLAIMER: All of our prices are subject to change. All transactions and prices must be verified and approved by Frank's Aquarium. If the price is incorrect due to typo, error, misprint, faulty shopping cart, or incorrect rebate deadline, Frank's Aquarium reserves the right to decline any order.


Shipping Information: Additional Shipping charges may be incurred when ordering larger fish. Such fish will have a "May incur additional shipping charge." link in their description. Shipping charges are determined by the method, contents, weight (actual or dimensional (DIM)) and destination of the order. Be sure to advise us of any special delivery needs. Larger fish, or a large order containing many smaller fish and/or shrimp, will incur a greater shipping cost due to the weight of the box. You will be billed separately, via a PayPal payment button or by some other method, for this additional cost, the amount being dependent upon the final weight of the order. Any fees charged by the carrier will be billed to the purchaser.

U.S. Postal Service: When shipping to an APO, FPO or PO Box address, parcels must be shipping via the US Postal Service. Lightweight items may be shipped the same way.

Determining Shipping Weight: Actual, dimensional, oversize or minimum packaging weights may be used to determine shipping charges.

Dimensional Weight: Domestic dimensional weight is determined by dividing the cubic size of the package by 194 (LxWxH/194). Fractions are increased to the next full pound. International dimensional weight is determined by dividing the cubic size by 166 (LxWxH/166).

Oversize: A package is considered "Oversize 1" if its combined length and girth exceed 84", but weighs less than 30 pounds. Such packages will be billed at 30 pounds. A package is considered "Oversize 2" if its length and girt exceed 108". Such packages are billed at 70 pounds.

Additional Handling Fees: Any fees charged by the carrier will be billed to the purchaser. Additional Handling applies to any item that requires special packing (made of wood and/or metal), any item not fully encased in a corrugated box, and any package with the longest size exceeding 60" or its second-longest side exceeding 30", or any package qualified as a large air package




Livestock is not returnable unless an agreement has been reached between yourself and Frank's Aquarium.

LIVE ARRIVAL IS GUARANTEED WITH EXPRESS (NEXT DAY) SERVICE.  We guarantee live arrival of livestock sent by express (next day) service, provided such livestock is picked up or accepted (signed for) in a timely fashion. It is the purchaser's responsibility to notify Frank's Aquarium immediately if such scheduled delivery fails to occur by 5:00 PM, in order that tracking of a displaced or lost shipment can be expedited by either party. There is no responsibility or guarantee whatsoever when purchaser opts to utilize second day delivery or chooses another delivery method that is not recommended by Frank's Aquarium. If the shipment arrives with more than half the animals DOA, please notify me and I will replace the animals or provide a refund, less shipping costs. IT IS THE BUYERS RESPONSIBILITY TO PAY SHIPPING ON ALL REPLACEMENT ORDERS. I reserve the right to replace the animals or offer a refund on their purchase price, less shipping.

TERMS OF LIVESTOCK REPLACEMENT: Provided shipment is accepted and delivered in a timely manner as above, Frank's Aquarium, at its discretion, will replace such livestock not arriving alive. Some losses may occur during shipment, which is not unusual with freshwater crustaceans. However, such losses are usually slight, and should be taken into consideration when ordering these animals. These losses WILL NOT be replaced. The cost of shipping relating to replacements will be borne by the purchaser. Frank's Aquarium is not responsible for the shipping costs on replacement livestock. This replacement policy is not subject to a continued guarantee - repeated replacements will not be made. In the case of any dispute relating to this policy, purchaser agrees not to dispute any charges on their credit card or other form of payment. Full refunds for 100% DOA livestock shipments will be given on the cost of the livestock only, not on the shipping charges.

Prices and availability subject to change without notice. All transactions and prices must be verified and approved by Frank's Aquarium. If the price is incorrect due to typo, misprint or shopping cart error, you will be notified before shipping.