NOTE: All catfish and loaches are quarantined and given a course of treatment consisting of antibiotic and dewormer before being sold.


Hillstream Loaches: The Specialists at Life in the Fast Lane.

A great article by Martin Thoene on maintaining hillstream loaches

Hawaii residents, please read this.


Don't forget the Repashy Superfood




Burmese Frogmouth Catfish
Pseudobagrus sp.
$10.00 ea.  3/$25






Amblyceps mangois
Amblyceps mangois
$5.00 ea.



Mini Moth Catfish

Erethistes jerdoni

Occurs in slow-moving hill streams with sandy bottom, rivers and beels. A very sluggish fish.

$4.00 ea.  6/$20.00  12/$35.00