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Shipping Fish and Invertebrates into Hawaii


The Hawaii State Dept of Agriculture has in place laws regulating the importation of fish and invertebrates into Hawaii. They strictly regulate what fishes can and can not be imported.


Please do not ask me to ship to you any fish or invertebrates without you first ensuring that they species you want is allowed,  as well as getting the permit mentioned below. You can check the legality of the fish in question by going to http://www.hawaii.gov/hdoa/admin-rules/subtitle-6-division-of-plant-industry/AR-71C.pdf . If it's not on the list, I can't ship it. If a fish you want is NOT on the list, you need to contact the Hawaii State Dept of Agriculture to see if an exception can be made.


 If you get caught importing prohibited live fish and invertebrates into Hawaii, there are hefty fines for both you and me.

Before I can ship any livestock into Hawaii, you (the customer) need to obtain a permit from the Hawaii State Dept. of Agriculture at 808-832-0566. This permit is only good for one shipment, and costs $20.00. You can also request a permit for unlimited shipments for one year. One must pay by money order for the permit. It takes about 1-2 weeks to receive the permit from the time they receive it. You would then fax me a copy of the permit for me to include in the shipment.

The State Dept of Agriculture inspector instructs that the shipping box be marked "Live Fish" and "For Dept of Agriculture to Inspect". The inspector said they monitor the post office twice a day to inspect parcels. They will open the box to see if what is in the box is what the permit is for to bring into Hawaii.

As to invertebrates, ornamental shrimp and crayfish are prohibited from importation into the State of Hawaii.



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