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Whiteback Shrimp

Caridina sp.

$21.00/6        $36.00/12




Indian Zebra Shrimp
Caridina cf. babaulti "stripes"

$21.00/6  $36.00/12  $65.00/25
Green Midget Shrimp             
Caridina cf. babaulti

Another small (1/2") algae-eating shrimp. As with the emerald grass and rainbow shrimp, this shrimp is also variable in color and is not always green. It is also similar in shape and size to the rainbow shrimp.

$21.00/6  $36.00/12  $65.00/25


Black Midget Shrimp

A small shrimp, getting no larger than 3/4".  A decent algae eater. Despite its name, it's not always black. This shrimp,
like the other Caridina, is variable in color.


$21.00/6  $36.00/12  $65.00/25 



Cherry Red Shrimp            
Neocaridina denticulata sinensis var. red

This is a small (about 1" TL) algae eating shrimp from Taiwan. It's been selectively bred from the Taiwan pale blue shrimp for its red coloration.

$3.00/each       $15.00/6     $25.00/12
Amano Shrimp
Caridina multidentata
Taiwan, Hong Kong   


This is THE algae eating shrimp.

$2.75 ea.          $15.00/6        $25.00/12