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Northern Longnose Corydoras Corydoras cf. septentrionalis   $10.00   Captive bred in Taiwan
Sangama Corydoras Corydoras virginiae $12.00 6/$66.00 Wild Fish
Panda Corydoras Corydoras panda   $5.00 6/$25.00 Captive bred in Taiwan
Gomez's Corydoras Corydoras gomezi    $15.00 3/$40.00 Wild Fish from Colombia
Gold Shoulder Corydoras Corydoras cf schultzei   $9.00 3/$25.00 Wild Fish from Belem
Schultze's Corydoras Corydoras schultzei   $8.00 3/$22.00 Wild Fish from Colombia
Dark-spot Corydoras Corydoras cf. orphnopterus   $30.00   Wild Fish. Not orphnopterus, but something similar.
Elegant Corydoras Corydoras elegans $5.00 6/$25 Wild Fish from Colombia
Axelrod's Corydoras Corydoras cf. axelrodi   $6.00 4/$20.00 Wild Fish from Colombia.  4 available.
Dwarf Corydoras Corydoras habrosus   $3.00 10/$25   20/$45 Wild Fish from Colombia
Pygmy Corydoras Corydoras pygmaeus $3.00 Wild Fish from Colombia. Only a few
Slate Corydoras Corydoras concolor $6.00 Wild Fish from Colombia. One available
Gold-Green Corydoras Corydoras melanotaenia   $6.00 6/$30.00 Wild Fish from Colombia
Reticulated Corydoras Corydoras reticulatus $8.00 3/$22.00 Wild Fish
True Julie Corydoras Corydoras julii   $8.00 3/$22.00 These are the True Julie. Not C. trilineatus. Wild Fish
NOTE: Most, if not all, Corydoras catfish and allies can secrete a toxin when stressed. Because of this, I pack them one per bag, and add some activated carbon. Upon receipt, DO NOT dump the bag water in your tank.
Other Catfish        
Two-spot Catfish Mystus bimaculatus   $7.00 3/$20.00 Wild fish from India
Variable Killiefish Procatopus similis ~1" $7.00 6/$35.00 Wild fish from Nigeria.
Emerald Green Lampeye Poropanchax luxophthalmus "Hamnerzi" ~1" $5.00 6/$25.00   Wild fish from Nigeria. A Nigerian endemic.
Taiwan Torrent Fish Acrossocheilus paradoxus 4"+ $15.00 A rarely seen cyprinid fish from Taiwan. Reaches about 5" TL although they can reach about 8" in the wild. Omnivorous. In captivity it will accept frozen bloodworms, live blackworms, flake gel, and pellets. Does best in groups of 3 or more. Pickup or ship via air freight only. No USPS, FedEX, UPS.
Phoenix Rasbora Boraras merah 0.5"  $3.00 12/$30   Wild
Orange-finned Danio Danio kyathit 0.75" 3.50 12/$35     6/$20 Wild fish from Burma
Moustached Danio Danio dangila 3" $5.00 3/$12.00 Wild
Panda Garra Garra flavatra 2"+
Wild fish from Burma
Amanda's Tetra
Hyphessobrycon amandae
6/$15.00  12/$25 Captive bred in Malaysia
Coffeebean Tetra Hyphessobrycon takasei   $9.00 6/$50.00 Wild from Belem
Central American Cichlids        
Hartweg's Cichlid Paraneetroplus hartwegi 1.50"+ $12.00 3/$30.00   Captive bred in Taiwan
Redhead Cichlid Paraneetroplus synspilus 2.5"+ $12.00 3/$30.00   Captive bred in Taiwan
Regan's Cichlid Paraneetroplus regani 1.75"+ $12.00 3/$30.00  Captive bred in Taiwan
Silver Cichlid Maskaheros argenteus 1.75"+ $12.00. 3/$30.00 Captive bred in Taiwan
Tamasopo Cichlid

Herichthys tamasopoensis

1.50" $8.00 3/$22.00 Captive bred in the USA. Endemic to the Tamasopo River of central-eastern Mexico. Herbivorous. To 7" TL.


Cryptoheros chetumalensis Rio Chahal 1.25" $8.00 3/$22.00   Captive bred in the USA.
Cuban Cichlid Nandopsis tetracanthus 1.50" $7.00 3/$20.00   Captive bred in the USA. Found in Cuba. To 10" TL. 6 available.
South American Cichlids        
Inca Stone Fish Tahuantinsuyoa macantzatza $25.00   Wild Fish from Peru. 3 available.
Miscellaneous  Species        
Burmese Python Eel Mastacembelus tapirus   $15.00   Wild Fish from Burma. One available
Lake Chad Bichir Polypterus bichir bichir 16"-20" $450.00   Wild fish from Nigeria.
Crystal Shrimp Caridina sp. ~0.25 $1.25 $12.00/12
Vampyre Shrimp Atya gabonensis ~2" $10.00 3/$25.00 Wild shrimp from Nigeria.
Ohko Stone,  Dragon Rock     $4.00/lb. $150/50 lbs. Photo for example only. Assorted sizes. Local pickup only. No shipping.
Seriyu Stone     $4.00/lb. $150/50 lbs. Photo for example only. Assorted sizes. Local pickup only. No shipping.
Petrified Wood     $4.00/lb. $150/50 lbs. Photo for example only. Assorted sizes. Local pickup only. No shipping.
Onyx Stone $4.00/lb. $150/50 lbs. Photo for example only. Assorted sizes. Local pickup only. No shipping.
Rainbow Rock     $4.00/lb. $150/50 lbs. Photo for example only. Assorted sizes. Local pickup only. No shipping.
Texas Holey Rock $4.00/lb. $150/50 lbs. Photo for example only. Assorted sizes.
Red Lava $40 One piece only. 12 pounds. Local pickup only. No shipping.
Up and Coming            
  Krobia sp. 1.5"+