Crayfish Shipping Regulations


As per section 671 of the Ca. Code of Regulations/Title 14, prohibited crustaceans include:  All species of the family Cambaridae (Crayfish) (except Procambarus clarkii and Orconectes virilis which are OK)



To protect and conserve Florida's natural aquatic resources and help ensure public safety, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) prohibits or restricts certain non-native fishes and aquatic fauna.  Moreover, no person shall allow or permit any freshwater aquatic organism not native to the state to remain in the waters of any pond which is not maintained or operated for the production of such non-native species.


RED CLAW CRAYFISH  (Cherax quadricarinatuse)

Common Names - red claw crayfish
Potential Concerns - This is the only species of Australian crayfish allowed in Florida and it is restricted to tank culture only.


RED SWAMP and WHITE RIVER CRAYFISH (Procambarus clarkii, P. acutus (zonangulas)) Common Names - Red Swamp crayfish and White River or crawfish

Potential Concerns - Procambarus clarkii and P. zonangulus are specifically restricted, except that pond culture is prohibited.  They may be possessed west of the Apalachicola River or imported for direct sale to food wholesalers and retailers without a permit.  They are widely cultivated as food (especially the red swamp) and bait (especially the white river) in Louisiana and elsewhere.  As a close relative to native species it would likely be able to thrive in Florida and compete with numerous threatened species of crayfish that are endemic to Florida.  In other places where it  has become established (e.g., Ohio and Spain) concern with impacts on aquatic plant communities has been significant.




(Cherax spp., except for Cherax quardicarinatus in tank culture)
Common Names - Australian crayfish or crawfish, Marron (Cherax tenuimanus), Koonac (Cherax plebejus), Yabby (Cherax albidus) and Glilgie (Cherax quinquecarinatus)

Potential Concerns - Australian crayfish, except for tank culture of the red claw crayfish is prohibited due to potential conflict with numerous threatened native crayfish and impacts on dikes and the food chain.


Ornamental shrimp and crayfish are prohibited from importation into the State of Hawaii.


Washington State


To provide protection to the native species of our State, the Washington Administrative Code prohibits the possession of all Cambarid crawfish and all Parastacids except for the genera Engaeos, or 3 species of Cherax. 

WAC 220-12-090 Classification -- Nonnative aquatic animal species. (1) Prohibited aquatic animal species. The following species are classified as prohibited aquatic animal species:
. . .
(c) Crustaceans:
. . .
(iii) Family Cambaridae: Crayfish: All genera.

(iv) Family Parastacidae: Crayfish: All genera except Engaeos, and except the species Cherax quadricarinatus, Cherax papuanus, and Cherax tenuimanus.

(2) Regulated aquatic animal species. The following species are classified as regulated aquatic animal species:

(a) Crustaceans:

All nonnative crustaceans classified as shellfish.