NOTE: Many of the animals sold on this site are exotic to the United States, and should NEVER be released into local waters. Even the crayfish, most of which are native to various portions of the USA, should not be released as they may not be native to your particular area. The release of non-indigenous animals can cause major problems for local ecosystems, especially when dealing with crayfish. Be a responsible hobbyist....never release animals into the wild. Thanks!
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The following photos are intended to show what the animals look like in general. Since these are all wild stock animals, and since many fish and shrimp are variable in coloration, the actual animals you get may vary in color, pattern, and/or intensity of color. The photos are there as a guide only, and I can not guarantee the coloration or patterns.





Indian Mudskipper
Periophthalmus novemradiatus var. (possibly an undescribed species)

This mudskipper comes from India. Due to its small size, about 4", a group of six can be housed in a 30 gallon tank, providing there is plenty of rockwork and driftwood to provide cover. They feed upon small crickets, bloodworms, and the like. Fish are young, and are not yet sexable. Check out the mudskippers that belong to Shellie. Click here to see a pic of the female. See FISHBASE. For a great article on mudskippers, click HERE.

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